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Surya prakash

Blockysite 2.0 offers an advanced and robust web builder with HTML and JavaScript drag and drop and components, and extensions, with the blocky content builder from scratch.

Blockysite introduces a hands-free UI experience that doesn't require coding skills to build anything from scratch.

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vamshi samudrala
  1. In the previous version of BlockySite, login would be done by GitHub account. This version of BlockySite came with a new feature that you can access the BlockySite by selecting your google account.
  2. After selecting your google account, link your GitHub account with your Google account, by authorizing BlockySite to access your GitHub account.
  3. Install the BlockySite GitHub app in your GitHub account.
  4. After successfully installing the BlockySite GitHub app, you can access the BlockySite and its services.

Enjoy developing websites with BlockySite! 馃槃

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the BlockySite community.

One min read

An extension is an extra feature that can be available from external sources. It can be a library, a theme, a plugin, or a tool. It can be anything that can be used to enhance the existing feature.