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Overview of Components

Components are the basic building blocks of your websites. The behavior and look of your websites are customized with components.

Component categories

For easier access to components, they are grouped into various categories.

  • UserInterface
  • Layout
  • Media
  • Storage
  • Sensors
  • Connectivity
  • Utilities
  • Experimental

Data Types

The properties of a component and parameters of a method or event may be of one of the following types:


An Asset type property can be set by the Designer by selecting an Asset from the uploaded assets for the website. From the Blocks Editor, it can be set using an Asset.Get block containing the path to that Asset, found under the Control category of the blocks tree.


A Color block can be found under the Color category.


A Designer property of this type can be set by filling a number in the textbox From the blocks editor, the Number block can be found under the Math category.


A Text is simply a string. It can have alphanumeric characters. For some properties and parameters, certain pre-determined Text are only allowed, which would be documented with them.