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Whether you need some help using the components, or just looking around, this section will provide you with the guides and reference you need to develop a website.

For further personalized help, consider checking out our community.

Get Started

If you are new to BlockySite, we strongly recommend checking out the creator section.

Start by searching for what you need using the search bar at the top. You can also consider checking out Components or Blocks.

What is BlockySite?

BlockySite allows you to create websites easily with a blocks-type editor. No coding skills are required.

So that it helps people to focus on their productivity, rather than spending time learning to code.

It is designed to be simple, fast, and easy to use. Just drag the component you want to use and drop it where you want it.


This is the page you're going to use to build websites. This is the main website that allows you to create anything you want.


This is the page you're going to use to manage your account. You can change your name, email, and even delete your account.


Using the community, you can get help related to your questions about BlockySite. Even submit your ideas to help improve BlockySite or even report bugs you've experienced during your website development session.

The community has so many users that help you, this means you will get a proper answer to any question of yours in minutes.


This is the page you're going to use to read the latest news about BlockySite. You can also read tutorials and guides on how to use BlockySite.


This is the page you're going to use to check the status of BlockySite. You can also subscribe to get notified when BlockySite is down.


This is the page you're currently on. This is the page that helps you to learn how to use BlockySite.