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Dragon Fruit 🐲

We are excited to announce the release of BlockySite version 4.0.0, also known as Dragon Fruit! 🐲 This version introduces several new features and improvements to help you develop websites further with lots of new features and components.


Creator version: 4.0.0 | July, 15 2023

Release Notes

Major Changes

  • From now on, You can log in to BlockySite with your Google account or GitHub account.

New Features

  • Drag and Drop Interface: We have completely redesigned the interface to make it even easier to use. You can now drag and drop elements onto your page and rearrange them as needed.
  • Responsive Design: BlockySite now includes responsive design options, so you can create websites that look great on any device.


  • Faster Load Times: We have optimized the code to make BlockySite load faster than ever before.
  • Better Accessibility: We have improved the accessibility of BlockySite, making it easier for everyone to use.
  • Bug Fixes: We have fixed several bugs and issues reported by our users.

We hope you enjoy using BlockySite version 4.0.0 - Dragon Fruit! 🐲 As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.