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What is BlockySite?

Well, BlockySite is a platform that helps people to focus on their productivity, by building their websites without any programming languages. It is a web builder that is designed to be simple, fast, and easy to use. Just drag the component you want to use and drop it where you want it.


BlockySite is a web builder or simply a website

which provides 2 services:

  1. Creator
  2. Community

For more info check out 👉


  • BlockySite creator or simply Creator is a closed source platform where you can develop websites without any coding by using the drag and drop procedure. Creator allows you to create websites easily with a block-type editor. No coding skills are required.
  • The projects you create in the Creator will not be stored on our servers. Those projects will be stored safely and securely in your GitHub account as each repository for each project. So that you need not worry about privacy and security.
  • Our Creator acts as a barrier between the websites you build and your Github account.
  • Site Url:

If you change anything in your repository, you may lose your project. So don't do any changes to your repository.


  • A place where you can do civilized discussions and ask any question related to any of the BlockySite services.
  • You can share your ideas and thoughts with your fellow community members.
  • Site Url: